Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is crucial to the long-term success of your brand. Unlike outbound marketing or sales which focuses on reaching out to prospects using traditional advertising, cold-calling, telemarketing, direct mail, and radio spots, inbound marketing brings the prospects to you! Businesses using inbound marketing do this by engaging and educating their prospective clients. Social media,  SEO, whitepapers, podcasts, lead generation, blogs, ebooks, and e-newsletters are just a few of the ways to engage and educate your prospects. 

Often many of these inbound methods are deployed together and used collaboratively. For example, Facebook ads are often used to promote blog posts promoting your brand, an event, or topic relative to your current marketing strategy. This is followed up with an opt-in campaign that targets those prospects interested in your blog post. This is referred to as warming up your audience. This practice increases the conversion rate of visitors to your opt-in page and consequently leads to sales.

As experts in inbound marketing in the Worcester MA area, Brady Consulting offers services that provide clients with copywriting (professional writing), video filming and production, ad scriptwriting, email campaigns, and much more.

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