Responsive Web Site Design

Brady Consulting has handled web site design in Worcester MA for over two decades. We tailor a client site based on their needs along with their marketing strategy. For instance, if someone wants to market their business, we normally recommend – at a minimum – Local SEO to help drive traffic to their site. Consequently, we would design a web site based on WordPress in order to make the on-page and off-page SEO effort more efficient for the client.

WordPress is an excellent and highly popular web-based content management system (CMS). In simpler terms, WordPress sites allow a client to edit their own text, images, etc. as needed instead of constantly going back to the designer and spending more money than necessary. WordPress is also an excellent platform to configure and maintain SEO for a client.

In addition, we always design web sites as responsive web sites. A responsive site is a site that displays well regardless of whether a consumer views the site on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone (Android or iPhone mostly). While some designers create responsive web sites that technically work, they do not design every element carefully and sometimes create sites with clumsy or awkward layouts from desktop to mobile phone. Brady Consulting takes the time to properly design a responsive web site that looks professional regardless of what platform you view it on.

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